Rewardisement, a software-based ToolBox for creating action-oriented and engaging editorial content, enables journalists to provide better value to readers through user engagements across print, web, social networks and mobile – by rewarding users in the process.


The Rewardisement ToolBox enables a reuse of existing content, access to news updates, video clips, latest photos, etc. by using the Rewardisement scan app with printed newspapers and any other kind of print publication or simply online. Hence Rewardisment brings your content to life!


Rewardisement can be integrated with existing CMS or publishing software so that journalists can add engagements within editorial content in the same way they can add a photo or a video with the click of a button!



What is the Rewardisement ToolBox?


The Rewardisement ToolBox offers an array of creative activities that content creators can choose from to start editorial action-oriented campaigns aimed to engage users across all platforms including social networks but especially on print.


What’s in the ToolBox?


1. The Campaing Builder
The Rewardisement Campaign Builder resides on the cloud and is used by content creators to build editorial or advertising activities for users engagement. It offers other useful services such as usage reports, print recognition catalogues, and advertiser and prize-draw management.


2. The Player
The Rewardisement Player plays the activities created in the Campaign Builder. The Player is simply invoked using a URL or, on mobil, scan-able image.


3. The Scanning Module
The     Scanning Module triggers the mobile Player to run the activities associated with the image scanned.




The way that publishers, the editorial department and users typically work together using Rewardisement
is shown in the picture bellow

See how it works!

RW-PNG publisher-Editor-v1-1500px2 Kopie 2

Try it! 

Imagine you are the reader of this printed product


Follow these simple steps to find out how Rewardisement works to get additional editorial content


1. Download    app from Apple or Google stores
2. Scan the article using the   app
3. Choose from the additional content and information offered on your mobile – read and enjoy!
engage with web 9 IG3

Or imagine you are the reader of this digital newspaper


Follow these simple steps to find out how Rewardisement works with additional content


1. Click on any    icon in the digital newspaper
2. Choose from the additional content and information offered
3. Read and enjoy – and/or engage with sample activities and earn points
4. You want to collect your earned points? – Register with the  player, safe your points and get rewarded

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