Rewardisment enables publishers to provide better value to advertisers through user engagements across print, web, social networks and mobile – by rewarding users in the process.


Needs to gain access to valuable insights about the success of advertising on print and digital media for a transparent investment ROI


Desires non intrusive, enjoyable & engaging ads, and to be rewarded for engaging online and in print


Concerned about declining print advertising revenues,  keeping users engaged and advertisers keen, – loyalty management, and ad blocking

Rewardisement provides publishers with the ‘Rewardisement Toolbox’ that enables a fun and intelligent dialogue between users and advertisers.

See how it works!


Try it! 

Imagine you are the reader of this print newspaper.


Follow these simple steps to learn about the triple-win solution for publishers, advertisers and users!


1. Download app from Apple or Google stores
2. Scan the advert using the  app
3. Engage with  sample activities on the screen
4. Register with the player and and collect your points!
engage with web 9 IG3

Or imagine you are the reader of this digital newspaper.


Follow these simple steps to learn about the triple-win solution for publishers, advertisers and users!


1. Click on me or any  icon in the digital newspaper
2. Engage with sample activities on the screen
3. Register with the player and collect your points

About us

Rewardisement Ltd  is a media engagement company established in 2012. Our world-class team of executives from technology, media and advertising work together to develop innovative advertising software and tools for use by the premium content publishing industry.

 is headquartered in London, UK with a regional office in Beirut, Lebanon.

Our mission

We provide the best engagement toolbox in the industry, to

  • help publishers retain, grow and monetise an increasingly engaged audience
  • while reward users for their engagement
  • provide in-depth data and transparency to advertisers


Ali Al-Assam


Chief Executive Officer
Reiner Mittelbach

Chief Executive Officer

Principal Consultant
Roberto Minio

Principal Consultant

Sandra Donskyte

Business Development Director

Steve Liles

Chief Architect

Manal Moukaddem

MENA Region Director

Marketing Manager
Diala Sharief

Marketing Manager